Beaver Dam at River

Nuisance Beaver Removal

Call for beaver removal in Virginia Beach before they have the chance to create a lot of damage 757-528-8527. Beavers are a member of the rodent family and one of the largest U.S. They can be a big problem for homeowners and property owners. As they build their nests, they will destroy trees and potentially cause flooding.

If left on their own beaver can cause significant damage to land. The best solution is to hire a professional. We can control these critters that already exist on your land. We also have some preventative methods to keep them off of your land and out of your waterways in Princess Anne County, Virginia.

Beaver Damage

Expert Beaver Trapping

The most effective way to clear beavers from you land is by trapping them. We know the best methods for trapping, we also know the best placement of traps based on the nests and the water flow. There are often several of them working together to build their nest, there is rarely a single beaver.

We will determine the best trapping methods to capture them all. Once trapped, we will remove the beavers from your property.

Beaver Dam

Beaver Dam Removal

One of the challenges left after the beavers are gone is dam removal. Depending on how long they have been left unchecked, that dam could become quite large in size. As a trained wildlife specialist we know the best methods of eliminating the dam.

They are built from felled trees, sticks, mud leaves and anything else the they can find. These dams can be quite solid and can affect the waterways. They can cause potential flooding with the rising level of water. We can help you to destroy the dam and restore the flow of water.

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